About Us

To quote Brad Pitt in the 1995 classic se7en, "What's in the box?".


Be The Box is the personal side project and portfolio of Lee Howes, a creative based in Surrey England with a passion to produce inspiring concepts through Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, and Illustration.

We firmly believe that the ever growing fast paced creative world is constantly put on to be different, and produce something unlike any other, this can be both good and bad. Thinking outside the box has the potential to be creatively refreshing and ground breaking. However we feel everyone from inidiviuals to companies have their own unique story to tell already, and we want to help you capture that message to create a project which intrigues audiences and shows the world what you have to offer.

Who are we?

Lee Howes


During Lee's career he has been fortunate enough to work for some amazing companies including Webtrends Optimize, Ashleigh and Burwood, and Prontaprint to name a few. Gaining a wealth of experience in various sectors, ranging from e-commerce to tech industries, to individual projects.

General info

Registered office address: C/O Clever Accounts Ltd Brookfield Court, Selby Road, Leeds, England, LS25 1NB

Company No. 10848456